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Most expensive keywords in Adwords

Warning! What you are about to read, may blow you away. When I found out about all this I felt like finding out Neo could stop bullets. I’ve been holding on to this 3 silver bullets for a while now, but I have no reason for keeping them to myself. Take the red pill and keep reading. Here it goes 🙂

This is a “3 silver bullet – blow-me-away blog post”. First I will give you a heads up on the cash people are prepared to pay for showing up on Google’s ad network. Second I will tell you how Google is making money, and how website owners are really making money with Google Adsense. Third I will tell you something that only a small percentage of people knows, something like a needle in a haystack.

Most expensive keywords in Adwords
Most expensive keywords in Adwords

It all started with a great Techcrunch article and infographic that showed “Top 20 most expensive keywords in Google Adwords Advertising“. In that infographic, you can see that the top 20 categories are: insurance, loans, mortgage, attorney, credit, lawyer, etc… I was shocked to see that some of the keywords cost up to 50$, even 60$ per click. PER CLICK! So I logged into AdWords and wanted to see the prices for myself. I opened the “keyword tool” under the “tools and analysis” and so I selected the most expensive (according to the infographic) – insurance. Back then I saw the prices go up to 60$ per click per keyword. This sounds to me like the biggest money factory of all time.

For the purpose of this blog post, I repeated the action, today I got 632 keywords and key phrases (relevant to insurance). Also, have in mind the whole time that 97% of Google profits come from ads and people profiting from Adsense are making 68% of every click on an ad that is displayed on their website. How fast can you calculate 68% of 50$? Ka-ching!

And now the reason why you are reading this. Since I am into domaining, checking domains, etc – it got me curious. I wanted to check the 632 keywords that I exported from the AdWords keyword tool. I checked, and all other 632 keywords. Only .com no dashes (-) just words and .coms. I used WhoAPI’s massive domain availability API to… find out… that all 632 keywords were TAKEN! Well, not all. 🙂 One was still available for registration – I just had to register that domain! 🙂

You can use WhoAPI to look for other great domains in other industries (except insurance) since all are taken there.

Written by Goran Duskic

I am the founder and CEO at WhoAPI. Entrepreneur for more than a decade in the hosting and domain industry. Sold my previous company. 500 Startups and StartLabs alumni. Author of a white paper "Domain Disclosure: Dirty Dozen" and eBook "26 Fundraising Questions for Startups".

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  1. You are correct! I shouldn’t have written “How fast can you calculate 68% of 50$?”. I am researching this as we speak, and still don’t have the precise data, but also suspect that price on Adsense never goes to 50$.

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