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Massive domain availability check

Have you ever built your own domain checker? Looking for great domain names available for registration can be a boring, difficult and time-consuming job. It can also get depressing since most of the time you are getting the “taken” result.  Here are some examples of why someone might be looking for a new and fresh great domain.

  • New business or venture seeking for available domains
  • An existing business trying additional domains for their new product or service launch
  • Personal web site or side project

So it’s not surprising that developers build their own unique domain checker to help them find great domain names.

Domain availability API can help you build a domain checker

Domain availability API can help you build a domain checker

Point being is that over 100 million .com domains are taken, and there are over 220 million domains across all TLD’s. What does that mean?

Well for starters, it means most of the words from the English dictionary are taken as domain names. This turns the process of checking domain names one by one very time-consuming, boring, and difficult. You need to brainstorm a lot, and you may make an even bigger mistake of building your project on a domain like gr3atbusiness.co.

Buying an old premium LLLL domain like lvcb.com (which has been around since 1996) is expensive. As we know, LLLL domains are no longer available for new registration and are only available on the aftermarket. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution then the best way is to make a bulk query! Just write 50 keywords, make all sorts of combos and query WhoAPI. In an instant, you will receive available names, and choose one or two that you find most attractive.

A lot of premium domains are taken

A lot of premium domains are taken

Also, if you are looking for some keyword-heavy domains even better! Just export keywords from your favorite keyword generator tool (hint, hint) and make 10000 queries and snap the domains everybody else missed! If you are lacking basic programming skills or you don’t want to hire someone on one of the popular outsourcing web sites, send us an email! We will be more than happy to assist you. So why not give our domain availability API a try?

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