Should you migrate to a managed cloud service?

In this fast-paced world, many businesses are struggling to share and access their resources such as hardware and software tools, databases across a remote network via multiple servers at another location. Their in-house team doesn’t come up with the right skills to monitor and maintain a cloud environment. If you are also one of them, it means you are not aware of managed cloud hosting service, which is a process through which you can get everything done easily.

Managed cloud solution refers to outsourcing your daily requirements of IT management to enhance and automate your business operations. You can hire third-party experts that can manage your cloud security, computing storage, application stacks, network operations and much more.

In this type of cloud hosting, you need to purchase servers in slices as a virtual server. However, before deciding on a purchase and considering costs, the key area is to focus on security and consistent availability. Unlike the servers that are acquired on an hourly basis, the requirement of managed cloud hosting arises at the time of longer contracts for businesses, which run enterprise-critical apps for long period.

Let’s discuss how a managed cloud is going to benefit you.

Consistent availability:

Managed cloud is designed on a private-cloud and high availability structure. It uses effective redundancy through its multiple storage area networks, servers, and storage protection. It ensures reliable failover protection.

Consistently available infrastructure

With the proper assistance of cloud service providers, you can have automated resource balancing and failover. In the event like a host fails to work, cloud infrastructure will be available for you. It manages failover and resource balancing between hardware stores at the virtualization level. Further, it empowers you to update and manage hardware and software.

Network security

Depending on the type of managed cloud service provider you have chosen, you can have a highly protected environment with protected firewalls and Intrusion Detection System, Virtual local area networks.

Hybrid of physical and virtual servers

Database engines and applications can share a dedicated network with cloud servers. It leads to create physical and virtual servers on the same system.

Some other benefits include:

If you find a good service company, it can provide you quality security and provisions of a dedicated managed cloud service for a cost-effective package. You can get a host of additional benefits such as-

  • Server load balancing
  • Network availability
  • Managed shared firewall
  • Web server log reporting
  • Remote hands and smart hands services
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Storage and backup management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Infrastructure management

Next-generation technology

Cloud computing is the next-generation approach for your data center. With it, you don’t need to hire an in-house IT personnel, staff. You won’t require investing money in training your IT professionals a new technology is required. A good cloud service provider is prepared to handle and implement the latest technology. Further, with the managed cloud service, you can focus on your business operation than worrying about downtime expenses and technical faults.

Centralized network applications

The cloud hosting service lets you have a centralized network application and service. The service providers can manage all servers and applications in a secure central data center. They will assist you with increased network availability and raise productivity. Moreover, they give you access to their centralized data within the same network and you can easily storage and backup in a modern centralized network.

Customizable Solutions

Adding other benefits is customizable and flexible solutions that the service provider can offer you. Your network can be fully customized to according your needs of the hour.

The bottom line is that managed cloud service is an ideal choice to enhance your business operations. You only need to find a reliable third party company that can offer your quality managed cloud solutions.

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