Importance of customer support in web hosting

Nowadays we often rely on tutorials and information that is laid in front of us. We become either lazy or don’t have time to do the research and find necessary answers and solutions to our problems. It became a routine in every aspect of life. We don’t know how to do something, anything – we take a look at the internet in search of tutorials. We don’t know the answer to some question, we google it. But when it’s about a specific product or service we are paying for, we want to have great support. Every product we buy comes with a warranty and product instructions to use. Every service should have some warranty and great instructions to use and customer support. Many people, beginner users or experienced ones, happen to find some problem with a service and they might know a solution, but they actually don’t need to know everything, they should (just) have proper support.

How to answer all the questions about hosting services

Every web hosting service has some kind of support for its clients. Business owners explain every single bit of their service, payment methods, etc. Also, they offer their customers answers to frequently asked questions or FAQs. But, what happens in case of an unexpected error, some colossal failure? Servers can have hiccups too. What do you do then? Sit in front of your monitor and wait for everything to work again? Of course not. Everybody does the same thing: contact customer support. There are many errors that the client can’t solve on her own and there’s nothing she can do about it. If your page loads slowly, your visitors might give up on it and never come back. That’s a serious problem! And it can indicate that the server is slow. It is definitely not a problem you are supposed to solve. Missing e-mails or other mailing difficulties can also point to problems with a server.
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Another problem is that sometimes you discover your page is often unavailable. In that case, your visitors are completely unable to reach you and you are losing them. That’s also a major problem and it also indicates a server issue. You shouldn’t have more than a few minutes per month of downtime for server maintenance. If that is not the case, contact your host.

If the host is serious in business they won’t let you down. They will enable all support needed just for your specific case. They will accept your problem seriously and won’t let you wait too long because they must be aware of the importance of customer support. Not only in specific and colossal problems like those that are out of customer’s control but every problem, even when it is explained in detail in the Frequently Asked Questions section.


Customer Support is one of the criteria that makes someone a great web hosting provider. As I mentioned before, all of us nowadays expect to have easy answers to our questions so web hosts should be aware of that. There is a saying: “The customer is always right.” A serious business owner must consider it and keep it in their mind all the time. There are no dumb questions, only dumb answers.

So, web hosts, use your knowledge and all your possibilities to help your customers and answer their questions in time. No matter what the problem is or its simplicity, help your customers in finding a solution. Or, even better, offer them a quick and easy solution. It won’t cost you much but it will help you in getting a reputation of a reliable host. And who doesn’t want to pay for a service from a reliable source? If you demonstrate your real value you can count on that your customers will come back and be loyal with repurchasing and continuing your services. There will be fewer customers leaving and it will reduce negative word of mouth. Everything you offer- hosting package and price combination can attract customers in the first place. But only your trustworthiness and courtesy can make your clients stay with you. And that is what counts in the long run. It is definitely cheaper to retain customers than acquire new ones. So, be the best. Offer your customers as much as you can and it will pay off.

Branimir founded a hosting company when he was 15 and sold it three years later to one of the biggest Croatian hosting companies. Branimir has 3+ years of experience in business development and more then 8 years of experience in web design and programming.

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