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Hello world!

This is not a default WordPress post 🙂 this is a hello from the WhoAPI team. Let’s start our first post with basic WhoAPI service description.

WhoAPI is a solution for automated and mass ‘domain details’ requests. Get domain WHOIS and many other data in XML & JSON formats using our API. Easily parsed with php, .net, ruby and other programming languages with well-structured fields in XML, JSON and other formats that your application can easily read. You can test some of the functions from our current Beta release on Live demo page.

API is well documented and extremely easy to use. Check API documentation and Code examples to get started. Don’t forget to register first, and you will get free 500 complimentary requests.

Expect more news and details about us, our startup, market research and the development of the service.

For any question, suggestions or feedback please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to help you!

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