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Goodbye Google PageRank. Hello Moz Rank

Back in March and April of 2016 we saw numerous confirmations that Google has decided to quit the PageRank toolbar. SearchEngineLand wrote about it, twice. Softpedia also wrote about it, and the good old explained that the PageRank isn’t going away saying Google decided to just keep it for themselves. plans to enroll new functionality on how they will service their clients.

This is exactly what we are doing in this post. In the past we relied heavily on Google PageRank in our Domain Manager, Website Checker, Domain reports, Bulk tool and Ranks API. I am happy to announce today that we replaced Google PageRank with Moz Rank and Moz DA (domain authority) on all our tools and our Ranks API.

I will not go into debate weather Google relied on PageRank for website position, or if dropped domain names with fake PageRank were able to get a good price on the aftermarket. Conversations like that can last hours without any real results. I think that it’s better if we move and, and do what we do best, because it’s extremely hard to believe Google will change their decision on PageRank.

Written by Goran Duskic

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