location based targeting

Geotargeting: new generation advertising

This world runs on the concept of advertising. Advertising is the soul of everything present around us. It is a game of influencing minds with some rules like every other game. Achieving these rules isn’t as simple as it seems. But, in this technologically advanced world, nothing is impossible.

There are a number of broadcasting companies that are providing advertising services with ease and believe in creating magic. The geotargeting process with a service such as geolocation API opens the door of advantages for the broadcasters, and advertisers and companies ensure that few rules of advertising are fulfilled on primary bases i.e.

  • The theme of the ad must be of consumer interest,
  • Every ad must only be directed to a targeted audience, and
  • The cost incurred during geotargeting the ads is budget-friendly for the advertiser.

Geo Targeted advertising
The robust edge content insertion platform provided by the firms allows users to change the content of the ads without creating any new channel feed. No new satellite setups are required for the Geotargeting process. The watermarking technology further ensures the unharmed process. The Cloud infrastructure is so dependable and safe that the whole process of geotargeting becomes out of suspicion. It helps you in geotargeting the ads wisely.

Geotargeting on TV and its benefits

Location-Based Targeting

location based targeting

Imagine a viewer from Orissa watching an ad of the footwear manufactured and distributed only in southern India. Isn’t it a total waste of ad seconds, money, and energy? The regional inflexibility or targeting the audience as per their geographic locations was the major challenge that the broadcasters from all the domains of the industry were facing.

Geotargeting has solved this problem efficiently. This cloud technology helps to target audiences regionally and completely transform the manner in which advertisements are delivered.

Now, broadcasters can deliver ads taking into account linguistic and cultural preferences of the people residing in a particular region which was previously not in options at all. Geotargeting assists in telecasting different ads in different regions in the same channel at the same time. It is the smartest and wisest way of utilizing the ad seconds.

Beneficial to both marketer and consumers

Geotargeting is beneficial to both marketers as well as consumers.  The marketer can use Geotargeting and telecast his ads to targeted audience in the targeted region. The Geotargeting practices virtually eliminating the need of physical infrastructure, which greatly reduces the costs and offer cheap/ affordable services to broadcasters. Since Geotargeting uses cloud technology to store everything, thus it never compromises with the quality of content to be delivered. And, broadcasters are able to maintain consistency and reliability in content delivery. That also in just a fraction of all India advertising costs.

In the end

The local marketers can use this Geotargeting on TV more practically. They can advertise their products in the local region in a comparatively less price and explore the benefits of advertising.  On the other hand, the consumers will no more have to feel, being tortured by irrelevant ads. Relevant ads attract consumer’s attention and thus work wonders in increasing viewership and customer involvement. This in return proves beneficial to the advertisers and broadcasters. This is a win-win situation for everybody, from the marketers to the consumers.

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