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Domaining events in 2015

Domain events are formal or informal meetings of people and companies that are working with domain names. They are formed as shows, festivals and other types of gatherings and held all over the world.

Since Internet domain business is and has been fast growing and it is not so easy to choose even the domain name let alone all other of the domain components, it is very important for people who are serious in this business to stay in touch with the community and current ideas. And it is not about „just domains“ but all other aspects of Internet business.

There are domain events all over the world and they attract people from all around the world. Main role in attraction is in the events scene, speakers and topics. Here are few popular events that are going to take place in different places during this final months of 2015.


DOMAINfest is one of the most popular domain events. Everything started in 2002, as an informal gathering of people working with domain names. As industry grew, this event grew with it, so now it is happening few times per year and in different places. First one coming is Fort Lauderdale, Florida conference. It was held from September 26th to September 29th. Speakers were people like Braden Pollock (from LLC), Morgan Linton (co-founder & COO of Fashion Metric) and Michael Cyger (from DomainSherpa.com). Attending individual could learn a lot from this event, but since today is the last day, you can see that there are plenty of other events.


Pubcon 2015

Pubcon will be held on October 5th, in Las Vegas Convention Center and is one of the most prestigious conferences. One of the most popular financial magazines, Forbes magazine named it a must-attend conference. It is all about social media and optimization, supported by industry’s leading speakers and exhibitors involved in social media and marketing.

ICANN 54: Dublin

In October (18th – 22nd) the ICAAN meeting will be held in Europe. Dublin, Ireland to be precise. ICANN meetings are held three times during the year and each time they are placed in a different region of the globe so all people who want to participate can make it happen. At each meeting, as in other meetings of this kind industry experts discuss domains, ccTLDs, new gTLDs whois and other internet-related topics.


5th International Domain Name Conference

This is relatively new event, being held for only five years, but number of its participants is still rising and is above 250. From their promoter, SafeBrands, you can hear only words of pride because it is claimed 100% participant satisfaction. This year it is held in Paris from 4th to 5th of November 2015. If you want to check it out, you can still apply. You can attend speeches of people coming with many backgrounds and experiences as domain name strategists, representatives of internet bodies of governance, trademark attorneys, corporate domain managers, public institutions, SEO professionals and security experts. The complete list of speakers is not published yet, but it will definitely be interesting.


All of these events are great and can make you better and more successful in your business. It’s definitely a great opportunity for tyou to connect with the industry’s experts and learn from their years of experience. Internet is changing every day, every hour, minute, even every second. To have a successful Internet business you need to stay versed. In case, this year is not offering you enough, maybe 2016 will be better. It definitely has a good start with NamesCon in January (10th-13th). It takes place in Las Vegas and offers workshops, keynotes, classes, and much more. It is an awesome opportunity in learning and improving your knowledge so stay tuned and follow this and all following events.

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