Domain names – A valuable asset for a website

In today’s modern era where business organizations are mostly online driven, there are numerous hurdles and barriers to running a business efficiently and effectively. Online business owners and website owners encounter a number of various online threats and problems that reduce their revenue and bottom line. From website downtime to email blacklisting, and from defaced websites to domain expiration, a website owner can face many problems. As a website owner, you must have good knowledge and a technical support team to counter these threats and hurdles in a smart way.

A domain name is a web address that helps users identify or locate a website on the Internet. There are thousands of similar websites on the Internet. This makes it tough for a visitor to identify and visit the correct website. There could be several websites similar to the website you own. A unique and popular domain name can help you distinguish your website on the Internet, making it distinct from the rest.

Expired domain names can cause havoc

However, there are several measures and aspects in using a popular domain name. The worst and biggest problem a website owner faces in today’s world is domain expiration. A domain name is mostly assigned on a contract and lease basis. Generally, a domain name is assigned for at least a year and mostly for 10 years. Expired domain names can cause havoc and have a large impact on the business and several other aspects. Neglecting domain expiration can cause you to face several obstacles and complications in your business. Even though you are notified earlier about the domain expiration, if you still don’t renew it, it can result in no access to your website. Once a domain name expires, it can be easily acquired by anyone.

The impact multiplies many times if a popular domain name expires. There are options to auto-renew and renew your domain names. The domain name expiration generally has numerous processes and states.

Different states of domain expiration

  • Active status: Active status of a domain is the working status of a domain name. During this status, the domain name can be easily renewed or transferred as per the requirements and needs.
  • On-hold status: On-hold status is the status when a domain name has expired. During this status, the website that uses an expired domain name is generally not accessible by users. During this period, the domain name can be renewed by normal rates and terms. However, the time and span of this status vary as per service providers.
  • Redemption period: Redemption period gives users a second chance to renew their expired domain name. The normal renewal charges and terms may vary from one service provider to another.
  • Pending delete status: Pending delete status is the last and final stage of domain expiration. The owner cannot renew their expired domain name during this phase of time. To renew or get the domain name, the owner has to wait till next release of domain names.

domain expiration status

Popular domain names can act as a great asset to website owners. It can increase the traffic on your website resulting in an increase in your business and revenue. With the ever-growing competitive business world, the potential of popular domain names is also increasing. People now understand the importance of domain names, and the roles they can play in their business. So buying expired domain names is a popular trend these days. An old and expired domain name has several benefits and is of great use to small entrepreneurs. Small and new website owners now make most of the profits within the shortest span of time by using expired domain names for their websites. Selling expired domain names to an interested buyer is the most basic way to make a great income. By using the power of expired domain names, new and small entrepreneurs can make up decent income without much effort. Certain popular and valuable expired domain names are used to create good content websites and web pages. These websites and web pages are then sold at great prices to make a great income.

If you efficiently know how to manage and monitor domain names, you can make great profits and allow your business and websites to flourish. These domain names provide ample of ways to make income and profits. Being a great and valuable asset before and after expiration, these domain names need to be controlled effectively to be used to their full potentials.

domain expired
So if you are not using a popular and good domain name, get one for your website and encounter the boost in your business. However, also keep an eye on different aspects of the domain name, as it too has its own pros and cons. A lot of information is available online about domain names. You can virtually walk through online resources to get more acquainted with different aspects of domain names.

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