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Discounted yearly pricing and more

Some of our clients have been using WhoAPI for more than two years, and some of our clients have decided to take advantage of yearly contracts. We reached those yearly agreements individually, but now for the first time, we decided to make it publicly available.

The major difference with yearly payments is a 15% discounted price, which is definitely nice if you have the budget, and know for sure you are going to be using WhoAPI as long as some of our other clients. Also, this gives you the certainty you are going to get the best price in the years ahead. Over the course of our journey, we raised our prices twice, and with a yearly contract, you definitely don’t have to be concerned about that.

Since we launched WhoAPI we never, ever, never had a “summer special, Easter special, Christmas special, etc”… I know, shocking right? Well, maybe this year we will have it 😉 (hint-hint). So if you never tried WhoAPI, we still didn’t give up on you!

Those two new features (yearly, special pricing) we’ll be live next week. You can subscribe on a yearly subscription as soon as it’s live. As for the special pricing, sign up on our newsletter, follow or blog or social media channels, we’ll make an announcement in time.

Also, this pricing features will be available on our present tools, APIs, and those that we launch in the future. You will be able to see them on our pricing pages and inside client area (when you are logged into WhoAPI and you click “Change plan” in the upper right corner).

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