Can domain name trading be profitable

In today’s world we are struggling to achieve as much financial stability as we can. We are working non-stop, as real workaholics. Sometimes that is not enough, and we are searching for ways to fit more work in our schedules to achieve more material goods and security. So, when someone asks if the domain name trade be profitable, we say right from the start, “Yes, it can!” But how? Read through the following lines and find out!

The domain name business can be really cost effective. Through the history of Internet, that has been shown to be the case. Early pioneers of the web could make real money by buying cheap domain names and selling them for thousands or even millions of dollars. All they had to do was offer them. Those names didn’t need to be creative or unusual, in the beginning. As the years passed, the Internet became somehow saturated with all those simple, but significant, names. Now you need much more to succeed in that business.

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Why is that so? Well first, you need to know what might be important for some future buyer. What might be their interests? What kind of site might they want to start? How can they make that (future) site attractive? It is like the real estate business or the stock exchange. You must be able to see and recognize the potential of a site to be attractive. Like a house. If your targeted buyers are people who like old-fashioned houses with many rooms and a great view, you will work to find them, adapt them, and offer them to buyers. You will invest, do research, and do everything in your power to attract people. You will have an open house to show what that house can offer to its owners and their guests. You will show how interesting it can be.

You will make your potential buyers imagine their lives in that house. In domain name trade you have to do similar things. Your domain name must suit targeted clients. It must suit them by the name itself, but also it has to be visited, wanted, searched, and googled. As you probably know, Google is a powerful tool. If your site jumps out of a Google search, there is a great possibility that your domain name will become advisable. Google likes generic names and a lot of visits. It makes the site visible in searches and even in the top searches. For example, if you think some client would like to buy the domain name, you need to invest in it before they do. So, you have to think ahead and be imaginative.

The name itself can be connected to anything, from a cultural movement, or a geographic area, to some everyday topics. The simpler, the better. It can’t be just an empty site, of course. If it looks dead and without visitors, you can’t attract buyers. You must maintain it and tend it with some content. That content should be interesting and worthwhile. Like a house. It has to offer something. It has to make the buyer imagine their virtual property and its future. Advertisements are welcome too, as long as they don’t suffocate the site. Just like some social events can help some houses to be sold, as long as its future residents won’t be distressed by noise and traffic. As long there are visitors and a positive Google rating, you have a chance in monetizing your investment. In addition to these things, you should be aware that you cannot just take any name you want. For example, taking brand names, or personal names of some potential celebrities might see you in court, so watch out. You need to be original. You have to use your intellectual property to make a profit.

Domain name trade might be more complicated than expected, but if you take a shot with your imagination and creativity, it can be great business deal. It is not an overnight financial gain, but it can be all you need. We can only guess how many of those Internet pioneers made a great profit off the domain names they took in the start. It is more crowded nowadays, but if you are creative enough you can make your own space for success. You can sell one or a few domain names right from your couch and make a fortune. If you have all you need to make it profitable, of course. It sounds like a lottery, but that’s life. Luck is pretty desirable too, and it seems like it follows all the great ideas, as long as you’re willing to wait for your foresight to come true. If you have a vision, then realize it. It might be tricky and demand your patience, but it might be worth it. You won’t know if you don’t try.

Branimir founded a hosting company when he was 15 and sold it three years later to one of the biggest Croatian hosting companies. Branimir has 3+ years of experience in business development and more then 8 years of experience in web design and programming.


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