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Buying, selling and reselling .hr domains

The current situation with the Croatian .hr domains is as follows. Anyone (as long as you are a Croat) can register .hr domain for a price of 615,00 Croatian Kuna ($106 US, depending on the currency rate). You can also register for 50,00 Croatian Kuna ($8,61 US).

Under the current rule book, users are forbidden to resell their .hr and domains. I would love to link the current rule book, but it’s only in Croatian and foreigners are not allowed to buy .hr domains so there is no point anyway. Basically, I believe that this is the reason why domaining in Croatia is virtually non-existent. Hopefully, some people will contact me to tell me this is not true, but this is just my wish.

.hr domain market
.hr domain market

This also makes it more difficult for the outsiders to get great domains, and invest in the development of great web sites and services. It also kills domainers, because no one wants to buy 10 hr domains and try to sell them since this would mean they are in violation of the terms and conditions. And also, to put it bluntly, they cannot sell them to foreigners that have more money than Croatians.

It also doesn’t help that base price is very expensive, especially for Croatian standards and if you take into consideration the market conditions in Croatia.

If you compare this to the pretty unique and popular Montenegro ccTLD .me (which has great brand possibilities and is open to the world and reselling) the difference in the success of a ccTLD is pretty obvious. Maybe CARNet’s (Croatian Academic Research Network) goal isn’t the popularity of .hr domains and generating additional income to Croatian’s industry experts in hosting, domains and web design. This off-course makes it difficult to increase profits for some great Croatian companies who work their tail to promote their clients. In my opinion, CARNet can do so much more for this ecosystem.

The only good news,  CARNet finally enabled online registration of free .hr domains, which only companies can register for free. Can you imagine that just a few weeks ago, you had to do this with paper applications?!

In December 2015, the HR domain extension tipped over the 100,000 domains registered milestone. We were one of the first to notice and report this.

Written by Goran Duskic

I am the founder and CEO at WhoAPI. Entrepreneur for more than a decade in the hosting and domain industry. Sold my previous company. 500 Startups and StartLabs alumni. Author of a white paper "Domain Disclosure: Dirty Dozen" and eBook "26 Fundraising Questions for Startups".

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