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7 Key essentials that make a website successful

Want to start an online business in India?

With so much competition in today’s online digital space, having a great website helps organizations create a profound impact in their respective niche.

Any day launching a website is a daunting task. To make things easier, many organizations leverage competitor’s analysis to analyze websites and use their flairs to create a successful internet site.

From a business perspective, a site is everything! In a real sense, a website presents your business online. It is a platform that helps you connect with your existing customers and prospects by communicating values. So from the business point of view, having an enticing one is important.

This post talks about 7 crucial things that together create a winning website. Let’s take a sight at them, one by one:

Mobile friendly

One big reason to use this point in the very first place is to remind you the fact that it is a mobile world. Today, when mobile have outsmarted desktop concerning online searches, ignoring mobile audience is the biggest business gaffe you could ever make. Without a doubt, mobile-friendliness is an essential element of a successful website. By adopting mobile-friendly web design, you make your site ready for the mobile audience and improve the user experience.

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Visual appeal

Apart from mobile-friendliness, if the design of your website is powerful, it can hold visitors longer than usual because it improves the user experience. The online audience today loves to get information from a website that is visually appealing than something plain. So, from a business point of view, it is important that visitors stay on your site because it increases the chances of conversion. So try making your website catchy.

Informative content

It does not matter which domain your business belongs to, a website without content is a waste. Use content in the form of text, graphics, and videos to make your site informative and interactive. For instance, your landing page must contain to-the-point, crisp, and compelling content that highlights your products or services with clear CTAs (call-to-actions). A web page with informative content and correctly positioned CTAs help you convince and convert.

Page load speed

Page load speed is a critical aspect of a successful website. Believe or not, but every second count. Therefore, a site with slow page loading can kill your business before it starts thriving. To make your site load faster, you need to use optimized images, compress your website, enable browser caching, minify your CSS, call JS file in the end, and most importantly use fast and reliable hosting.


Hosting impacts page load speed. Due to high competition, leading hosting companies provide affordable cloud hosting in India that you can leverage to reduce the loading time of your website.

404 error page

When online users get 404 error page, they feel helpless. This situation occurs when an online user searches for the page, which is not available on your web server. And when they see an error page, they are more likely to bounce back from your website and switch to your competitor’s site. Don’t let that happen! Configure your web server to display a customized 404 error page where you give other useful links to your website allow your visitors to contact you.



It is everything because it ensures the availability of your website 24x7x365 days. We wrote extensively about the cost of website downtime. A downtime of even few seconds can spoil your brand image. You can have many options when it comes to choosing cloud hosting in India. Therefore, always consider going with the web hosting Company that ensures 99.99% of guaranteed uptime. Otherwise, non-availability of your website can compel your audience to switch to your competitor’s website.

Contact information

It is something that contributes to improving the user experience. So providing contact information is a good way to enhance credibility in the eyes of your online users. Give your user options like email, phone number, and corporate address to contact you. One good option is to include a live chat option to provide immediate support to your customers.

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Over to You

You can follow the points as explained above to create a successful website for your business because, without a great internet site, you cannot survive in the digital space.

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