WhoAPI API functions

39 reasons to signup on WhoAPI

If you ever wondered or missed the information on what exactly you can get by using WhoAPI, this is the post to look into. If the domain extension is supported, there’s a great chance we can deliver the information you are looking for. The entire list is below, with the API that delivers the information you need.

  1. Date of domain registration (whois)
  2. Date of domain expiry (whois)
  3. Name of the registrar where the domain was registered (whois)
  4. Registrant’s first name and last name (whois)
  5. Registrant’s organization or company name (whois)
  6. Registrant’s address (whois)
  7. Registrant’s city (whois)
  8. Registrant’s postal code (whois)
  9. Registrant’s state (whois)
  10. Registrant’s country (whois)
  11. Registrant’s phone number (whois)
  12. Registrant’s fax number (whois)
  13. Registrant’s email address (whois)
  14. Alexa reach (ranks was discontinued)
  15. Google PageRank (ranks was discontinued)
  16. Domain availability (taken)
  17. Content of the website’s meta tag “title” (meta was discontinued)
  18. Content of the website’s meta tag “description” (meta was discontinued)
  19. Domain name or IP address RBL (email) blacklist presence (yes/no) (blacklist)
  20. SSL certificate on web site (yes/no) (cert)
  21. SSL owner’s organization name (cert)
  22. SSL owner’s organization address (cert)
  23. SSL owner’s organization city (cert)
  24. SSL owner’s organization country (cert)
  25. SSL date issued (cert)
  26. SSL date of expiry (cert)
  27. SSL issuer organization name (cert)
  28. Domain name’s IP address (dnszone)
  29. Domain name’s MX record (dnszone)
  30. Domain name’s A record (dnszone)
  31. Domain name’s SOA record (dnszone)
  32. Domain name’s name servers (dnszone)
  33. Country of server location (geo)
  34. Website screenshot (screenshot)
  35. Website thumbnail (screenshot)
  36. Website’s basedomain (hostname was discontinued)
  37. Website’s hostname (hostname was discontinued)
  38. Website’s trace route (tracert was discontinued)
  39. Server, IP, website ping (ping was discontinued)

Disclaimer. If you are using the whois API, have in mind that some TLD’s aren’t covered yet, for full coverage check if we support the TLD you are interested in checking. Also some registrars aren’t parsed yet either. If you hit them, please contact support so that we can add them in our pipeline.

For other functions, you can query any of the 288 million domain names out there.

Besides the 39 data sets highlighted here, we are testing and updating some other API’s that we have, so expect this list to grow. If you want to see something, in particular, contact support with a suggestion.

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