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We are out of 4 letter .com domains

We used our domain API to check all the 4 letter combinations .com domains. For example

up to….

What we confirmed that all the 4 letter domains are registered. We haven’t tried numbers, dashes or IDN’s, just 26 letters of the English alphabet. This takes us to 456.976 combinations, or domains. Not to mention that 3 letter and 2 letter domains are long gone.

4 letter domains are also known in the domaining industry under the jargon LLLL.COM or 4L. . So for example, 1PRO.COM wouldn’t be a LLLL.COM domain. Also LLLL.COM doesn’t mean literal domain but a representation of a group of domains. Here’s a rough estimate how you should value 4 letter domains.

Ultimate Domain Notifier

L = letter
C = Consonant
V = Vowel

5. CVVV, CCVV, CCCV, VCCC, VVCC, VVVC… (these are more often named LLLL’s)

What are popular 4 letter domains? (CVCV), (CVCC), (CCCC or LLLL), (CVCC).

Especially popular (worth more) CVCV domains are where the same consonant and vowel are repeated. Bobo, Gogo, Zaza, Vivi, etc. They are short, memorable and easily pronounceable. However, it goes without mentioning that the most expensive 4 letter domains are 4 letter generic words – cars, boat, card.

Would you like to get notified when your website goes down, your nameservers change, when your PageRank or Alexa rank changes?

Ultimate Domain Notifier


It goes so far that there is a general consensus among domainers as well as letter frequency statistics indicate that there are premium letters, average letters and bad letters.

•Premium letters: a b c d e f g h i l m n o p r s t

•Average letters: j k u v w

•Bad letters: q x y z

If you want a short 4 letter domain, that is memorable and easily pronounceable, you are probably going to have to shell out some serious cash in the aftermarket. Do you own any 4 letter domains? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Goran Duskic

I am the founder and CEO of WhoAPI with decade of experience in business development, online marketing strategy in the hosting and domain industry.

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  • Francois Carrillo

    http// has nice ones for sale.

  • Scott Mawdsley

    X is a cheaper letter, is it? What’s xkcd valued at?

    • GoranDuskic

      Domain name or website?

      • xkcd is a real site

        you are being trolled :)

        • GoranDuskic

          I know. 😉

          • peter

            I still wanna know what it’s valued at though!

  • Riaan François Venter

    you can still get domain with numbers in like mine

  • Bogus Post

    How did you come up with that ridiculous ranking when you list CVCC as one of the most lucrative value formats but it’s not even listed (implying it’s in the LLLL category) ? Park, Tart, Fart, Cart, etc…

  • UI Palette

    Google has consistently reported that dashes “-” do nothing to diminish page rank. Not sure why, but people still seem very reluctant to get on the dash bandwagon, it really opens up a lot of url possibilities. In any case, users should never be keying in your url directly, so the best strategy is just to hammer on your core keywords, use a dash if you need, and build traffic with direct links.

    • UI Palette

      (direct links, including those created on SERPs, etc.)

    • Ben

      “In any case, users should never be keying in your url directly” That is just plain stupid. TV ads? On-street ads? Other people telling about your business?

  • Jon Sanderson

    I own and Always for sale.

  • Steve is for sale and is basically unlisted

  • Mike Carson

    these have all been taken for years…

  • rafael


  • thaiblog

    I own and , do u think it s worth to develop a site

    • David Orozco seems to have a lot of potential, I’d create a site there and flip it for sure

  • Jolene Smith

    Historically, when paradigm shifts begin, those who are negatively impacted by it say it will never work and often work hard to stop or slow the shift. Currently, registries of legacy TLDs (think .com and .net) are attempting to slow the paradigm shift of the new gTLDs. But these shifts are inevitable and early adaptors and communicators who know this will be taking advantage of the first mover advantage and acquire the most premium of the new spaces as they come available. The new gtlds not only fill a need for memorable domain names, they are inspiring entrepreneurs to establish new businesses. sponsors, a site that publishes lists of new domains registered today for all TLDs.

  • Rob TheGenie Toth

    Would the value of but that much less than ? It seems very brandable. (Assuming they could acquire as well , as a redirect). What are your thoughts on #LLL or even ##LL and similar domains?

  • Jason Belleville

  • VictoriaP

    What about a 4-character one with number, number, number, letter?

  • franka

    I have ….2 good and 2 average ….any value ?

  • Alex

    How about I own this one I bought it on eBay for 36 dollars last year lol